Business Partners

Some of Fulfillment Center’s current clients are:

Tidewater Sandals

Tidewater Sandals was started in 2002 to create a sandal that combined comfort and style at an affordable price. Tidewater’s first design was a basic sandal that offered a variety of ribbon choices. These sandals brought more choice and better ribbon patterns to the sandal market. The company quickly expanded its offering with a wedge sandal and a flat. These new products focused on combining the most healthy and comfortable foot bed designs with fun ribbon patterns.



Innovative Product Sales International

Innovative Product Sales International represents and promotes innovative products and new product categories to the North American market. The company specializes in developing these products for the Retail Channel. Their Staff members have decades of experience working with major DIY, Mass, Co-op and Wholesale Distribution partners. IPSI focuses on products that are unique and consumer-focused to enhance the retail offering and the consumer experience.



Adjust for Comfort

The Adjust for Comfort Toilet Seat is the world’s first and only patented toilet seat capable of adjusting to a person’s natural sitting position to provide greater comfort, support and relaxation while offering easier access for improved hygiene.